Welcome to our School!

Panakoszta House – Home to Farkas Ferenc Music School of Eger – is one of the centers of musical life in Eger, where, with sorter or longer intervals, organized music education has been a constant feature since 1953.

On the 18th of September, 1998 the institution took up the name of composer Ferenc Farkas (1905-2000) who was not only a honorary citizen of Eger, but had also many ties to our school and the musical life of Eger.

We are a school that is centered around children! The nature of the institution makes it possible for us to utilize the advantages of individual education. In one-on-one lessons there is a possibility to learn almost any instrument. In addition, brass orchestra, string orchestra, chorus, and chamber ensembles are all in the institution’s profile. In the past decades, scores of talented teachers have worked in the town making the maximum effort to get Eger residents know and like classical and folk music, and also to create a public that understands and appreciates music.

Our school is the organizer of many county, regional and nationwide competitions. We believe that through the students of the school musical education plays a role in family life, it enriches the ordinary days of people living around us.

Next to teaching instruments, the school plays an extensive role in public life. Both our teachers and students are present at all the prestigious cultural events in Eger and in Heves County. Our formal principal – György Szepesi (1935-2015) – initiated and set up a private endowment to support the talented students of our institution, our relationship with sister towns in other countries, and the professional development of our teachers. Many of our talented students have chosen music a their career, some of whom are renewed musicians both in Hungarian and international musical life.

Our work is characterized by close cooperation with all the public educational institutions in Eger as well as with Eszterházy Károly University. Our maintainer is Center of Eger School District.